St. Nicholas-at-Wade Church, Kent

This handsome church dominating the little village of St. Nicholas at Wade, dates to the late 11th Century. Initially it was just a chapel to the church at Reculver. By the mid-12th Century the church was being expanded, with the north aisle being added around 1180. 

Early in the following century the east end was rebuilt, probably at around the time that the church at Reculver began to decline and the Parish of St. Nicholas at Wade was created when the church here was elevated to parochial status.

For the next two hundred years the church was tinkered with and enlarged. Around 1340 a major rebuild of the nave was undertaken and it was around this time that the tower was built in its current form. By the 15th Century the church was in, more or less, the form it stands in today, particularly from the viewpoint of the structural work. The interior was greatly altered, as was usual, in the post-Reformation years.

In 1875 the nave and east wall were repaired, but the usual heavy-handed Victorian changes are not in evidence at St. Nicholas at Wade, making it one of the more unusual churches in the Thanet area, most of which were heavily altered when the Victorian habit of bathing created a population boom in the area.

Photo - Andrew J. Müller

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