BermudaFlying Flag of Bermuda

Bermuda - Shaun - 1999

Map showing position of Bermuda  Map of Bermuda with flag


Bermuda, a tiny island in the Atlantic, is a British dependency but with close links to the United States of America and the Caribbean.

It's capital, Hamilton, is the largest town on the Island.

Bermuda is also, of course, famous for The Bermuda Triangle, an area of open ocean where ships and planes notoriously vanish without trace.


Bermuda - Shaun - 1999

I went to Bermuda in November 1999 for work purposes.  Here are a selection of my photos from my trip - I will be adding some more words later on!!


The Harmony Club

The Harmony Club SignThe Front of The Harmony Club

The Courtyard 1Hotel Courtyard 2

Flags outside the Harmony ClubOrnamentation at the Harmony Club

The LoungeMy Room at The Harmony Club

Wild Poppy SignSign for The Tavern

People inside the Tavern"Cheeks" The Barman

The TV Set in my Room!

The Office

The Front of the OfficeThe Back of the Office

The Side of the OfficeThe Office from the Waterfront

Around The Old Dockyard in Hamilton

The Entrance to the DockyardStatue of Neptune, Bermuda

Anchor at the Dockyard, BermudaBarrel in the Museum

A worker in the DockyardThe Clock in the Dockyard

Diving ExhibitMachine

Fountain thingy in the Dockyard

Big House in the DockyardBig House in the Dockyard

Big GunsBermudan Sheep

The Little Train in the DockyardThe Atlantic Ocean

Dockyard ResidentWhere the Dolphin lives

Signpost - How far to Home?!!Boat

Around bermuda

It was Remembrance Sunday during my visit - Here's the Cenotaph in Hamilton

The Cenotaph, Hamilton

Visitors to Bermuda are welcomed by Johnny Barnes and the statue erected to him, known as "The Spirit of Bermuda"

Johnny BarnesThe Spirit of Bermuda Statue

The Spirit of Bermuda StatueThe Spirit of Bermuda Statue

A CoachA Little Bird (how good is your eyesight?!)

Bermudan Beach

Back to the Americas

Back to the Americas

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