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Andrew, Shaun and Roy going off to film Blood Run

On 7 June 1986 Andrew, Roy, Shaun (along with Darren McShea) set off into Walderslade Woods to film a masterpiece...however, it turned out to be Blood Run...not quite the same thing!

Blood Run - The Script

The film is the story of an investigative journalist, Steve Nichols (Roy Barton), who photographs a drugs deal where a masked dealer (Shaun Runham) is selling a package of unknown drugs to Leslie (Darren McShea)...

Shaun selling Darren drugs

Shaun's masked dealer sells "Leslie" some drugs...

Whilst "Steve Nichols" photographs the deal

Whilst "Steve Nichols" photographs the transaction.

Steve is spotted by the dealer who catches up with him and beats him up, ripping the film from the camera.  As he walks away the dealer is attacked and killed by an invisible creature with very bad breathing problems.

A short distance away and a few moments later Leslie is also attacked and killed by the same asthmatic creature.

Later, Leslie's two friends, Martin Pleskitt (Andrew Müller) and Peter Burke (Shaun Runham - again), are waiting for their friend to return when Steve Nichols calls at their door.

Blood Run - The Script

They go to the woods and find the body of Leslie.  It is in very bad condition indeed.  An argument ensues (at which point the script is very much abandoned and some improvised dialogue about twenty-foot heavy tractors finds its way into the movie).

Arguments about the size and weight of the creature

"Steve", "Peter" and "Martin" argue about the size of the creature.

After the argument another character, Terry (Darren McShea - again) turns up.  He and Steve argue constantly and are involved in a fight.  Terry walks off in disgust.

Blood Run - An Edited bit of Script

The creature approaches Terry but he climbs up a tree.  After a while the creature gives up and leaves, but as he jumps from the tree Terry sprains his ankle.

Meanwhile the creature has found Peter, it chases after him and eventually catches him and kills him very messily.

Steve and Martin hear the scream and come running only to find Peter's mangled body (from this point on Shaun was cameraman as well as director!).

Whilst Steve and Martin try and think up a plan for attacking the creature Terry is "taken over" by it (for reasons unknown).  He attacks and wounds Steve before running off. Martin pursues Terry and garots him (subtle, eh?).

"Martin" returns to find "Steve" bandaging his leg

"Martin" returns to find "Steve" bandaging his leg.

Martin returns to Steve and finds him bandaging his leg.  Together they rig up a "bomb" to destroy the creature.  They lure the creature into their trap but Martin is killed in the process.

"Steve" rigs up the bomb

Here is "Steve" rigging up the 'bomb'.

At the last moment Steve fixes the bomb and the creature is destroyed.

Blood Run - The Script Last Bit

Thus ended Blood Run - a well-named but rather ineffectual movie...

Of course, it might have turned out better if we had followed a few basic rules of movie-making, for instance:-

1.  Write a script for the correct number of actors.  We had four actors and about nine parts, two of which we wrote out on the day.

2.  Learning the script.  Occasionally we accidentally strayed into the words we had written.

3.  Rehearsal.  Might have helped a bit.

4.  Post-production.  We tried to edit "in camera", almost impossible - and it cost us Shaun's blood-soaked death scene which the camera annoyingly cut out.

5.  Don't let the cameraman speak.  Or, indeed make heavy-breathing monster noises.

6.  Don't rely on effects.  Particularly when the only effect you have is switching the camera to negative.

7.  Don't take it too seriously.  Oh.  Well, okay, so that wasn't too much of a problem!

Andrew and Shaun not taking it too seriously!

Andrew and Shaun not taking it too seriously!

Hopefully at some point in the future we will be featuring some video captures of the "movie" on this page.

As a postscript to all of this, some years later Andrew and Shaun and Shaun's wife Alison contemplated making "Blood Run II".  It would have been quite different and would have featured Alison as a reporter, Shaun as a policeman, and Andrew as a strange ethereal character from another dimension.  Together they had to seek five crystals (which still decorate Andrew's Christmas tree every year in the guise of baubles!) which they need to defeat another other dimensional being, to be played by Shaun and Alison's friend, Rob.

"Blood Run II" didn't happen and quite probably never will - but the original, in all its amateur and cringe-making glory will live on forever - damn and blast it!

Shaun as cameraman

Shaun as cameraman and Director.



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