Picture Seventy-Two

The Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

A rather solemn looking Andrew (and it's no surprise really) in The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague.  Prague, home of the Golem and Rabbi Löw (who is buried here), was once one of Europe's largest Jewish Communities - until World War II that is when the Nazis arrived and wiped most of them out. Ironically, the Old Jewish Cemetery and it's surrounding synagogues was preserved by Hitler who wanted it to be a "Museum for the Vanished Jewish Race" - instead it has become a museum to the terrible genocide he tried to perpetrate.

And yes, if anyone was wondering, Andrew is wearing a skull-cap.  All male visitors are required to wear one as the Cemetery and surrounding synagogues are hallowed ground.

Andrew visited on 29th May 2000, this is a timer shot - no the camera isn't balanced on a grave, but rather on a waste bin.

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