GALLERY 2001 : Picture Eight

Sweet and Maxwell's Turquoise Turtles

On 7th July 2001 Andrew took part in an It's A Knockout contest at the Castlebarr Playing Fields in Ealing, West London on behalf of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability together with three teams from Sweet and Maxwell.

The picture above is of Andrew's team, dubbed Sweet and Maxwell's Turquoise Turtles after the colour of the T-shirts we had printed for the event.

Left to right the Turtles are:-

Back Row: Nick Cappell (Terror Turtle), Sam Forde (Tycoon Turtle), Yousef Ahmed (Tricky Turtle), Andrew (TV Turtle), Andy Barrett (Tarantino Turtle), Rob Hall (Tiny Turtle)

Front Row: Ann Payne (Tarty Turtle), Aneesa Chaudry (Top Turtle), Pippa Hall (Tomboy Turtle) and Luisa Battista (Tipsy Turtle).

Together the three teams raised £2,400.

This is the official photo taken by the event organisers.

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