Castles of Herefordshire - Longtown Castle

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Herefordshire Image Map

Bollitree Castle
Brampton Bryan Castle
Byton Castle
Castleton Castle
Clifford Castle
Croft Castle
Eastnor Castle
Ewyas Harold Castle
Goodrich Castle
Hampton Court Castle
Huntingdon Castle
Kilpeck Castle
Kinnersley Castle
Longtown Castle
Pembridge Castle
Richard's Castle
Snodhill Castle
Stapleton Castle
The Citadel
Weobley Castle
Wigmore Castle
Wilton Castle

Herefordshire is one of the Welsh Marches, and as such is jammed full of Castles, of which those marked above are only a tiny selection indeed.

The county is rural and unspoilt by big roads or large towns.  The River Wye cuts through the south of the county creating one of the most beautiful river valleys in England.

In a tree in Herefordshire!

Many of Herefordshire's Castles are of an early period and so were only constructed of wood - meaning little remains.  Of these Ewyas Harold is renowned as the first "medieval" Castle built in Britain (some time before the Norman Conquest).  By far the best Castle in the county is Goodrich with a moat literally dug into the rock and affording some superb views of the River Wye down below.

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