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Buckden Tower
Huntingdon Castle
Kimbolton Castle

Huntingdonshire is perhaps England's most unremarkable county.  There are no towns of any great size and the county town of Huntingdon's chief (perhaps only) claim to fame is as the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell and John Major.  This is the land the gave us Stilton Cheese - although it was never made in Stilton village!

The county was sucked into the modern Cambridgeshire, along with parts of Northamptonshire, in 1974.

Roy wandering down Kimbolton High Street

It is similarly bereft of Castles of excellence.  Kimbolton, although the historic home of Catherine of Aragon, has been so rebuilt as to be unrecognisable.  Huntingdon's once important Castle has been reduced to earthworks and only Buckden Tower is of any real interest to a casual Castle hunter.

Shaun and his family now live in Buckden, Huntingdonshire.

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