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Cancun and Chichen Itza - Roy and Rachel - 2004

Map showing places visited in Mexico  Map of Mexico with flag


Mexico is the forgotten country of North America, not considered alongside the USA and Canada, but also not thought of as part of South or Central America.

The country has a heritage every bit as rich as that of its more powerful northern neighbour, most famously the Aztec and Inca civilizations that flourished before the arrival of the Europeans.

The Capital City, Mexico City, is considered the largest city in the World. The main tourist destinaton is Cancun on the east coast, but Mexico is a country with names that conjure up magical images; Tijuana, Chihuahua, Cozumel, Guadalajara, and of course, Acapulco.


Cancun and Chichen Itza - Roy and Rachel - 2004

Welcome to Cancun, Mexico

Statuary in Cancun

More Mexican statues in Cancun


Roy and Rachel's hotel

Para-sail ride...

Rachel and Roy before take-off


Looking down

Apparently the world's largest flag

Cancun from the air

Chichen Itza

In the middle of the jungle you find Chichen Itza

View of Chichen Itza

Temple top, Chichen Itza, Mexico

Another view of Chichen Itza

Roy at Chichen Itza, Mexico

Climbing up

Looking down

Text coming soon.

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