Castles of Shropshire - Clun Castle

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Shropshire Image Map

Acton Burnell Castle
Bishop's Castle

Bridgnorth Castle
Bromlow Castle
Brompton Castle
Broncroft Castle
Caer Caradoc
Clun Castle
Colebatch Castle
Hope Castle
Hopton Castle
Ludlow Castle
Moreton Corbet Castle

Old Oswestry
Pulverbatch Castle

Red Castle
Rowton Castle
Ruyton XI Towns Castle
Shrawardine Castle
Shrewsbury Castle
Stokesay Castle
Whittington Castle

Shropshire has an astonishing number of Castles - 112!  Only a small number of which are represented above.  It's position close to the Welsh Border and on the River Severn made it strategically important throughout the Middle Ages.

It is a largely agricultural county with five ranges of hills running roughly south to north across the middle of the county, the most famous of which is Wenlock Edge.  The east of the county is flatter, and more like the landscape of neighbouring Staffordshire.

Roy atop Caer Caradoc

The Castles of Shropshire have survived better than those in Herefordshire to the south.  Such gloriously named Castles as Acton Burnell and Moreton Corbet, and the most curiously named Ruyten of the Eleven Towns (usually written Ruyten XI Towns).  Best of all though is Ludlow, a massive medieval structure.

Shropshire is renowned for being off the beaten track and old saying in these parts goes

"Clunton, Clungunford and Clun,
Are the quietest places under the Sun."

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