Castles of Wiltshire - Old Wardour Castle

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Wiltshire Image Map

Barbury Castle
Bratton Castle
Devizes Castle
Liddington Castle
Ludgershall Castle
Mere Castle
Old Sarum Castle
Old Wardour Castle
White Sheet Castle
Yarnbury Castle

Wiltshire is the only county of Wessex to have no coastline.  As such it is often ignored, which is criminal, as Wiltshire offers some of the most interesting landscapes in southern England and has possibly THE most historic site in the whole of the British Isles in the shape of Stonehenge.

In fact, the whole county of Wiltshire is dotted with the reminders of a past more ancient than the Pyramids of Egypt - Avebury, Silbury Hill, Bratton, the numerous burial mounds, white horse hill carvings, hillforts and stone circles makes Wiltshire without a doubt the centre of prehistoric Britain.

Andrew and Karo at Avebury

Wiltshire's landscape is mostly rolling and spectacular downland, frequently offering superb views across the neighbouring counties.  In the centre of the county is Salisbury Plain, a tree-less, bleak landscape with an air of mystery all its own.

The Castles of the county reflect the variety of the landscapes; Old Wardour in the south is a great and intricate ruin, Liddington and Barbury in the north are two of the best preserved hillforts in England and Old Sarum not only has the ruins of a Castle, but a hillfort, a Cathedral AND the site of the original city of Salisbury rolled into one!

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