Around The World In Eighty Pages by Andrew J. Müller and Darren E. Laws



Andrew J. Müller and Darren E. Laws
with illustrations by Ivan Lloyd Smith

Published in 1998 by M&MWG Books
Available in paperback for £4.00

Join us for a trip to 15 countries in 14 stories. Travel from the coast of Suffolk, England through Europe to war-torn Sarajevo via the Wielicska Salt Mine in Poland. Then push onwards into China and step aboard the Bush Bus in Australia. Cross the Pacific to the USA and then the Atlantic to the newly-free South Africa. Finally, come full circle via Ireland to finish your journey in the rain of Barry Island, South Wales.

This new volume from the Medway and Maidstone Writers' Group contains the work of just two of its members, Andrew J. Müller and Darren E. Laws, with the magnificent illustrations of local artist Ivan Lloyd Smith.

So why not come with us - Around The World In Eighty Pages!

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Naked woman with Gun

This illustration is a detail from the artwork for Andrew's French story "Lethal Cocteau or Fatal Femme" which contains liberal amounts of sex and violence and is certainly not for the weak hearted!

Here is a short excerpt from the story - just to whet your appetite:-

"She removed the gun from where it pressed against his chest, leaving behind a small circular mark.  He realised that she was holding a silencer in her hand, and was now screwing it to the end of the gun.  He swallowed, his mouth dry, should he try to make a run for it whilst she had her hands full?  No, she was holding him tightly enough just with her legs, he could feel the shape of her thigh muscles through the tight fabric and they were strong ... he knew that much from last night."

Can you resist finding out more??

Frightened Chinese Girl

This illustration is a detail from the artwork for Darren's story "The Dying Rooms" set in China - a tale of suffering and bravery against almost insurmountable odds.

Here is an excerpt again, to whet your appetite:

"Underneath the dirt she had a face of porcelain; a beauty, that even now one year later returns to haunt me.  Crouching down I offered my hand, cautiously she stepped forward, her tiny fingers wrapped around my palm, ever so gently.  Pulling her to me, we hugged.  She smelled like an incontinent down and out, her hair was literally alive, but she was so gentle, so soft, and oh so skinny, no more than a bag of bones supported by skin.  As I held her I felt her body shudder and realised that she was crying."

To find out what happens to this poor little wraith, you'll have to buy the book.

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Boy holding his conker

But it isn't all gloom and dark thrills!!

"Aidan Conkers The World" is Darren's story set in Ireland and tells the story of one young lads adventures with his conker with a typically Irish lop-sided sense of humour.

Here's a little extract:

"Aidan waited for 'Swanny's' next attack.  'Attilla' kissed 'William's' surface, the two conkers momentarily at peace before 'Swanny' pulled back and ... CRUNCH!!!  Full contact had been made.  A piece of brown shell flew through the air in slow motion, twisting and turning before settling on the tarmac floor.  First blood had been drawn.  Aidan's conker flew round and round, wrapping itself tightly around his fist.  He didn't want to look, Aidan's courage seemed to be deserting him. "Come on Aidian!" A voice from the crowd urged Aidan, he recognised it and saw Aiofe's smiling eyes."

STILL not convinced yet?  Well, here's one last taster....

Snakes and Skulls

This last picture from the very talented pencil of Ivan Lloyd Smith is a detail from the illustration for Andrew's Chilean story "The Tribe Of Bones" - a story which came to Andrew in dream which was prompted by taking drugs - he had a bad cold!!!

Here is a brief extract:-

"The gruel was thick and a bit salty, but quite pleasant.  I looked around for Pieter, but couldn't find him anywhere in obvious sight.  So I went into the big hut which yesterday had been occupied by the very tall woman with the pole.  She was seated inside, scooping something from a vessel which I'm afraid to say was a human skull.  But still, these people had no wood, no stone to speak of, no cloth, they had to make their utensils from the only readily available materials - and once someone was dead what matter was it how their bones were used?"


Well, it costs just £4, plus £1 postage for UK, £2 for overseas, and will be sent to you on receipt of said amount if you send it to Andrew J. Müller, c/o M&MWG, 27 Sherwood Avenue, Walderslade, CHATHAM, Kent ME5 9PX, United Kingdom.

Cheques payable to "Andrew Muller" please.



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