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Much to the surprise of his friends, Shaun was born!

Let's try that again....

Shaun Runham in Carnival MoodShaun was born in Gillingham (in June 1969 to be precise), Registered in Chatham and lived in Rochester.

That is his early years over with.

He moved to Weedswood estate and became friends with the famous writer Roy Barton. (Roy's work has been printed many times in the local magazines by the request of the readers (nutters more like!))

He went to Oaklands Infant School and then Oaklands Junior School.  He and Roy then continued their schooling at Walderslade Boys School, now called Greenacres School.

In his first year there he met an unusual individual called Andrew (J.) Müller (another famous writer!  What luck!!) who happened to end up in the same class as Shaun did. Together with Roy they continued their schooling. You could call them the Three Musketeers... or possibly the Three Stooges!

Shaun in Metal ThingummyEventually school finished and other things beckoned for them. Something that called all three was the blockbuster film "Blood Run" this promoted their names onto the tip of every tongue in the Medway Towns (some exaggeration here). Shortly after the making of this film Shaun found employment in the computer/IT industry and his free time was viciously removed from him!

One of his dreams (aside from more Scuba Diving and learning the Greek language!) is to complete the sequel to "BloodRun" called (not surprisingly and with great imagination) "BloodRun II".

Shaun with his video

Shaun is interested in all things electronic, particularly computers and video.  He has many hours of video tape taken with his professional quality video camera and has been asked many times if he is "working for the BBC" when out filming!

It was Shaun who directed "Blood Run" and is most keen on doing a sequel, although it is nearly impossible to get us all together for a few hours - let alone long enough to make a movie!!!  Still - who knows...

In 1992 Shaun married Alison Ogden at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Gillingham and in 1996 they had a baby girl, Isobel Louise, she was followed in 2000 by a boy, Harry Thomas.

Alison, Harry, Shaun and Isobel at Pevensey Castle in September 2001

Recently Shaun and his family moved to Buckden in the ancient county of Huntingdonshire (but now in Cambridgeshire), oddly enough, without really trying he moved within 30 minutes drive of Andrew.

Shaun is still a keen "member" of RLP and hopes to be able to realise one of his dreams fairly soon...

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