Surreptitious Advance by Andrew J. Müller

by Andrew J. Müller

Rain like grains of rice
Slants into the pavement
Creating tiny saucers of wet
On the concrete slabs.

Splashes dance in the air
Like miniature bullets
And puddle and run
Through the gutters and paths.

I walk along quickly
Duck under the awnings
Of the shops that line
The streets to my home.

The Bus rumbles by
All bright lights and diesel
With tired faces pressed
To the misted panes.

Somewhere nearby
A dog barks to the winter
Tethered in a garden
Cold and alone.

I stuff my hands deep
Into my jacket pockets
Head down and shuffling
Surreptitious advance.

A trickle of moisture
Runs cold 'tween my shoulders
A car splashes by me
And into the night.

I hurry my pace
To get out of the weather
Turn up my collar
Turn down my face.

But the distance to go
Is still quite alarming
And I know I'll be soaking
Before I get home.

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