by Andrew J. Müller

Un Beso de la Andaluz 1

The breeze billows down through the olive grove
Wafting over us and blowing through our clothes
The sun bright - reflected in the dark of your eyes
With chameleon colours they capture me
The sweat pools on your naked throat
Like mercury shining in the moonlight
Glistening, sparkling silvery droplets
Sweet and salty, a kiss of Andaluz.

Un Beso De La Andaluz 2
Your hair floats in the warm ocean wind
Like the silver leaves shaking on the olive trees In a rich black cloud, lustrous and long
Enveloping me in its spidery waves
The sandy olive colour of your gypsy skin
Next to my pale and British pallor
The most desirable bow of your red lips
Sweet and salty, a kiss of Andaluz.

Un Beso De La Andaluz 3
You dance flamenco upon the floor of my heart
Hammering steps hammering beats
One keeps time with the other
One keeps beating many hours later
Sweet amiguita keep this memory for me
Keep in mind my heart and my soul
And I keep in mind your smell and taste Sweet and salty, a kiss of Andaluz.

Un Beso De La Andaluz 4
Orange blossom falls and tangles in your hair
Where once I ran my faltering fingers
On a hot and sensuous Sevilla evening
In the Plaza de Cabildo we eat the sweets
Made in the Convent by virgin hands
The soft-centres spill over onto your lips
And I kiss them off and drink them down
Sweet and salty, a kiss of Andaluz.

Un Beso De La Andaluz 5 Take me back there once again - take me back
To the time when I need nothing more Than the company that I kept as we wandered
Amongst the tawny Spanish hills
When I kissed you all over
Your lips, your hips, your breasts, your mouth
And I remember the taste of you now
Sweet and salty, a kiss of Andaluz.

A version of this poem appears alongside many others by Andrew in BeWrite Books's "Shaken and Stirred: Poetry from the Far Corners" published in 2002.

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