by Andrew J. Müller

Down into Green Park rush
There is more than the usual crush
There is yet another delay
Because something happened early today
Chaos is happening still
Because someone was taken ill
At another station at another time
It's a bad day on the Victoria Line.

Eventually the train rattles in
But there's hardly any room to fit in
Squash between a fat man and a girl
She with backpack, he umbrella unfurled
Train crawls slower than a lame snail
Like someone's put superglue on the rail
People getting hotter - temper frayed
Today the Victoria Line is delayed.

Approaching Kings Cross we come to a stop
We're all feeling faint now, ready to flop
An explanation is not to be found
We're all feeling trapped deep underground
The train judders and jerks us about
Someone down the carriage is starting to shout
Briefcases become weapons, everyone is armed
I'm wedged into a corner feeling alarmed.

At Finsbury Park people pour out
Suddenly released the passengers breath out
But then another lot of people come aboard
And the rest of us send a prayer to the Lord
Oh let us reach our destinations quick
That woman over there is looking quite sick
This journey home is now starting to grind
It's a bad day on the Victoria Line.

At long long last my station approaches
I fight my way to a door amidst many reproaches
Out of the train and onto the platform
Join the shuffling hordes, looking forlorn
Up into the evening at Tottenham Hale
Cool breeze on my face, gratefully exhale
Should've made the journey in half the time
But it's been a bad day on the Victoria Line.

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