Isle of Arran, Bute

Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, Bute

Brodick Castle, standing guard over the Bay of Brodick on the beautiful Isle of Arran in Firth of Clyde, is a very typical Scottish Towerhouse with an additional building appended to it.

The first Castle was built here by the Stewarts in the 13th century, of which little or nothing now remains.  During the Scottish Wars of Independence the Castle was mostly held by the English, being taken by the Scots in 1307.  In 1406 it was destroyed by English ships and then in 1455 by the MacDonald Lords of the Isles.  After this it was rebuilt and the three-storey Towerhouse (pictured above) was first built; now being the oldest large part of the Castle to survive.  The building work was completed by the 1st Hamilton Earl of Arran around 1510, only to be damaged in a raid in 1528 and again by the Earl of Lennox in 1544 who attacked on behalf of Henry VIII.

The Castle was rebuilt and extended by the Regent Arran in the 1550s at which time the large side building was first added.  In 1639 the Campbells took the Castle, but it was later retaken by the Hamiltons once more.  In the 1650s Cromwell's troops occupied the Castle and badly damaged it; forcing yet another rebuild.  In 1844 the Castle was again extensively remodelled and in 1958 it was bought by the National Trust for Scotland.

The Castle is open throughout much of the year, and its gardens are famous and very attractive.

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