by Roy Barton

The naked girl stands on her hands
Writing memoirs in the sand
With her fingers
They trace lines through the yellow mud
Watching white horses bud
Watching them dance
No sense of smell in her eyes
Her mouth can't hear the paradise
That surrounds her like a thick gold veil
That creases under her delicate nails.

Cats eat dog in Africa
Europe and Australasia
Their long sharp teeth
And knife like claws
Help hold their prey
In vice-like jaws.

The girl sits down
On green and verdant pasture
She creases her brow
And wishes someone would ask her
What it's like to be naked and free
And where she would rather be
She longs to be amongst the stars
Traced with silver next to Mars
And then she would never die
A glittering starball in the sky.

No-one ever bothers crying
No-one tells the truth when lying
No-one asks her why cats eat dog
No-one goes missing in the fog.

Try reaching for the moon
That day will never be too soon.

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