Chill by Terri Pine, Peter Lee and Andrew J. Müller


by Terri Pine, Peter Lee and Andrew J. Müller

Published in 2002 by BeWrite Books
(available as a paperback, CD-ROM and as an e-book)

Never before has such a coven of devilish scribes stirred a witches’ brew of horror like this. These are not stories set in some far-off fantasy world and peopled by unlikely hags, banshees, warlocks and dragons. They are tales that open at your local bus stop, with a casual conversation in the pub, on a weekend break, at a hospital reception desk, a country road, the local supermarket, a simple bedsit, the park, in the sunlight brightening a suburban kitchen, even at a village jumble sale.

The victims include a watchman in a mine, a secretary, a bookworm, a dowdy tax inspector, a woman with a liking for mail order catalogues. Scenes open with an hour off from the office, a disappointing dinner party, a browse through the Sunday paper classified ads. Ordinary people, in ordinary places, in ordinary situations. Infact, people just like you ... and all on the very threshold of hell!

The chill sets in when you come to understand this basic truth … any of the terrors in these pages could be your own. The nightmares could become reality for you … just where you are … and at just this moment!

Terri Pine, Peter Lee, Andrew J. Müller and their fiendish friends have delivered ice-cold fear where we least expect it … on our own doorsteps! Are you sure you are ready for bed? If so, let’s begin the Dance Macabre.

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