Andrew J. Müller

"Goodbye Harvey, we’re off to the shops"
Said Jane as his human’s left the house
Harvey watched them go
Then started to play with his wind-up mouse.

After a while he got bored with his toy
And went off to find something else to do
He scratched the sofa
And for a while chewed on a shoe.

But none of these things were enough
And then his eyes turned to the curtain
He could run up and down it
That would be great fun for certain.

So Harvey climbed up high
And swung around and around
And then the curtain rail broke
And curtain and cat fell to the ground.

Harvey sat underneath the curtain
Breathing heavily, in a state of shock
When he heard something that made his jump
The sound of a key turning in a lock.

His humans had come back
Now Harvey was surely in trouble
He got out from under the curtain
And hid under the sofa at the double.

Jane came back in and gasped at the mess
She found Harvey under the chair at the back
But he looked so cute he just got told off
And escaped getting a smack.

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