Andrew J. Müller

Harvey the cat was out for the day
Wandering around the street
Hopping over fences and hedges
Wondering who he would meet.

He leapt over the fence at No. 22
Ran over the grass and across a log
Jumped onto the shed at No. 24
And nearly ran straight into their dog.

The dog barked, growled and leapt to his feet
And after Harvey he ran
Harvey’s fur stood up on end
This had not been in his plan.

He turned around and ran up a tree
And shook there staring at the dog below
He looked to his left and he looked to his right
It seemed there was nowhere to go.

His little heart was beating fast
When a thought came into his head
If he leapt further than he ever had
He could make it to the next door shed.

So he gathered himself up
And he leapt into the air
And landed on the shed roof with a thump
While the dog down below went spare.

And Harvey ran home and into the house
And jumped up onto Jane’s lap
She stroked him and held him close
And he curled up and had a pussy cat nap.

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