Andrew J. Müller

Harvey sat on the rug
Carefully cleaning his little white paws
Slicking back his fur
And cleaning the dirt from his claws.

He was making sure he looked clean
But he couldn’t be late
For Harvey the Remarkable Cat
Was going on his first date.

Out on the prowl the night before
He’d met a lady cat called Tabby
Now he had to make sure his fur shone
He didn’t want to look shabby.

The time came and Harvey went out
And met Tabby by the old farm house
He was taking her out for a meal
Of bird and rat and mouse.

They dined on all the finest food
And Harvey walked her home
Then he cleared his throat
And read her a romantic poem.

The farmer opened his window
And yelled "Stop that horrid wail"
And Harvey scampered off
The fur standing up on his tail.

He got back home out of breath
But couldn’t wait to see Tabby again
He walked around tall and proud
Like a big lion with his mane.

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