Andrew J. Muller

He wasn’t quite sure how he’d got there
But now Harvey was stuck
He’d climbed up onto the roof
And now he’d run out of luck.

He looked down at the ground far below
And miaowed with all his might
But nobody heard him and
He was there the whole night.

In the morning Jane saw Harvey
Sitting in the gutter looking cold
Harvey was wet and unhappy
And sorry he’d ever been so bold.

After a while a big red truck came along
And a man carrying a ladder stepped out
He leant the ladder against the house
And gave Harvey a cheery shout.

"Don’t worry little puss,
I’ll be up to get you down in a mo’."
So he put on his yellow helmet
And began to climb up so slow.

He reached Harvey and said
"Come here then little fellow."
Then he put Harvey over his shoulder
And started to descend to the garden below.

When they reached the ground
Harvey was given a big hug by Jane
And he looked up at the roof up above
And vowed never to up there again.

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