Cover of Kaleidoscope - A Spectrum of Short Stories

Talented authors around the world were challenged to visualise a kaleidoscope image ... and to craft stories around whichever colour struck them most strongly.

The result is this exclusive collection of thirty short tales of between a few hundred and several thousand words.

Each story is inspired by a colour. But the work covers a full spectrum of genres from romance and humour to horror and violence.

Just twist the Kaleidoscope and experience a striking and unique new image every time.

Featuring stories by Roy Barton, Mike Broemmel, Sarah Crabtree, Matthew Gaunt, Joanne Hanrahan, Chris Hunt, Barry Ireland, KJ Kofsuske, RD Larson, Peter Lee, Jay Mandal, Marion Moon, Andrew J. Müller, Teresa Nixon, Johnny Nys, Carmen Ruggero and Troy Smith.

This book is a tribute to Marion Moon and her husband who died in a coach crash in South Africa in 2003.

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This book is the first to feature work by both Andrew and Roy.

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