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The logo which we use for Raving Loony Productions was first used in May 1989 on Issue One of "The Winch and Winch Newsletter" the company magazine which Andrew put together for his then employer, solicitors firm Winch and Winch in Chatham, Kent.

The logo is based on the idea for the Twist and Shout EP cover by The Beatles, a picture we had tried to replicate on several occasions.  However, the logo is made up from three separate photographs, one of which was taken on a different day in a different location to the other two.

Shaun - Original of Logo shot

This is the shot of Shaun which was taken first (on 12th February by Andrew) at an old disused gun implacement on the Isle of Grain.

Andrew - Original for the Logo shot

This is the original shot for Andrew which was taken (on 1 May 1989 by Roy) on a pile of old bits of asphalt in Gillingham.

Roy - Original for the Logo shot

Finally, this is the original shot of Roy (also taken on 1 May 1989 but by Shaun) which was taken at the same location as the photo of Andrew.

Andrew then took the photos to the photocopier at work.  Because, in those days, photocopied pictures deteriorated in quality very quickly by the time it had been copied, cut out, pasted, reduced, copied and copied and reduced again and again (until small enough to be used for a logo) the picture had become the rather grainy and indistinct set of figures which is the logo we see today.

The logo has been used on many different products.

Magazines - The Winch and Winch Newsletter, LawJaw and In Front

Books - Mixed Nuts and Around The World In Eighty Pages

Videos - 1987 - A Year in Video and 1988 (4 volumes)

Not to mention in numerous other places too many to detail here!  Plus, of course, this very Website which you are currently (hopefully) enjoying.

With the Website came a whole new generation of logos, a three-colour one and eventually even an animated version...

Long may the Logo survive and thrive!

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