The Miller Moth by Mike Broemmel


by Mike Broemmel - containing a story by Andrew J. Müller

Published by BeWrite Books in 2002
(available in paperback, CD-ROM and as an e-book)

Fluttering through the pages of this book is a humble Miller Moth, its ubiquitous but subliminal presence linking tales of ordinary people in ordinary situations – all made extraordinary by the unbounded imagination of a master story spinner.

In this magnificent collection, you will meet your family, your friends, your neighbours … and even see yourself mirrored in stories of hope and of desperation, of love and of tragedy. Broemmel offers no-frills reality on a platter with characters so believable you almost expect them to walk through the door to borrow your daily paper. From a family lunch to an horrific death, from a road trip to a prostitute’s first night in her new career, Broemmel leaves you sometimes laughing, sometimes weeping – always stunned by the sheer force of his words. Simplicity and intricacy combine in this anthology to leave you feeling you may just have discovered the 21st Century’s answer to Steinbeck at his most nitty-gritty.


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