My Mind's Door

by Roy Barton

I'm searching for the questions inside my mind
I'm looking for answers I'll never find
I'm wondering why I'm here on the Earth
Or whether my life is worth anything
I'm turning questions around inside my head
The more I see the more I'm blind
I know I'm more lost than before
When I enter my mind's door.

I remain on the verge of the unknown
Without the answers I seek being shown
I miss things that are easy to find
Whilst looking for elusive things that seem to shine at me
I remember mistakes to get them right
Through the dark I try to find the light
The light that leads me on once more
To unravel the secrets beyond my mind's door.

Through the darkest things that shine out white
To the most exact things that aren't quite right
To lie in the shade of the sunniest beach
To grab the fruit that's out of reach
To scare the monsters in my dreams
To ride a cloud across moonbeams
To fight a fish against the law
When I go through my mind's door.

Walking through a forest where trees lie in wait
Oak and Sycamore decide your fate
To ride a cricket through a star
To find a world inside a jar
I leave the Earth to find a clue
About what I should really do
To find out what I am looking for
I have to go through my mind's door.

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