Sacred Valentine

by Andrew J. Müller

There's steam on the water, dust in the sky
Looking through the eyes of the man who is blind
The cruelty of the ages, ghost at your side
The taste is bitter, sharp and defined
The water is heavy, the river is choked
The day the sacred valentine broke.

Little miss Maisy she plays on the lawn
With tiny tin soldiers that are battered and worn
She never saw a thing, her face filled with glee
The darkness engulfed her like a boiling sea
The gods in the heavens, their powers revoked
The day the sacred valentine broke.

The wind through the tree tops, whistles a tune
Nightingales sang under an English moon
The rattle of death swept through the dark
Wild dogs in the distance started to bark
The trees disappeared under death's violent cloak
The day the sacred valentine broke.

The blue jean children, the baby in arms
Didn't even feel the sense of alarm
The clammering hammer, the pounding of blood
As half of the valley went under the flood
They saw nothing, the preacher just spoke
The day the sacred valentine broke.

The lady in waiting, she stood on the hill
Watching the soldiers go in for the kill
She watched them attack and murder and rape
Then Danny turned off the video tape
The films are all violent, the stories blood-soaked
The day the sacred valentine broke.

All the unecessary evil, the ugly retort
Even salvation can now be bought
With no need for her anger, the lady demure
Dying from an illness for which there is no cure
She hung herself today, from a tree with a rope
The day the sacred valentine broke.

The sky is black now, the death count grows higher
The whole of the world is consumed in the fire
Leaving a blackened cinder to orbit the sun
When will we realise what mankind has done?
You may laugh and sneer, treat this as a joke
Today the sacred valentine broke.

This poem appears alongside many others by Andrew in BeWrite Books's "Shaken and Stirred: Poetry from the Far Corners" published in 2002.

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