by Andrew J. Müller

Pride is our first deadly sin
It affects young and old, fat and thin
For pride, it knows no bounds or taste
In shells of pearl our ego encased
To think that one is better than t'other
A shocking truth there to discover.

Avarice is the next in line
Or greed for those who're less refined
The most modern malaise amongst this lot
One which most world leaders have got
It also effects estate agents and bankers
And other kinds of assorted .... can't think of a word to go in here....

Envy is a sin where we've all been
The one that is said to turn us green
When we want what another has got
For reasons which we know not what
And envy perhaps most of all
Caused many a great mind to fall.

Sloth is common but seldom noted
The dullest sin it is often voted
For sloth simply means doing nout
Which is scarcely much to shout about
If doziness should be so abhorred
Then God help the House of Lords!

Wrath is the most visible of the seven
When we raise our eyes and fists to heaven
And curse and yell with all our might
And kick and scream and punch and fight
We bear our teeth and shed our blood
Leave bodies dying in the mud.

Gluttony also known as pigging-out
Can lead to heart attacks and gout
Stuffing ourselves 'til we explode
And cast our vitals in the road
For gluttony leads inevitably to fat
And there is just no escape from that.

Lust is the deadliest sin
Which most people enjoy endulging in
With lustful thoughts we daily go
Illicit feelings start to flow
But when all is said and done
Lust is simply too much fun.

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